Linking OSX to XP

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is there anyway that i can link my 10.2 too another pc using Xp via the ethernet port? The windows XP does have a feature for it to be linked using a few methods too other computer as i don't have any network hardware ... thanks


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    get a "cross-over" ethernet cable, hook the two together, turn on the file sharing in both computers and share-away.

    at least it was that easy for me
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member

    -On PC and Mac, make sure the workgroup names are the same. On PC, this means Start->MyComputer->Rightclcik->Properties->Computer Name-> press Change. Should be Workgroup as the workgroupname. On Mac, Applications:Utilities launch Directory Access, click lock and enter password to admin, then click smb and configure. Make sure name is the same workgroup name as on PC.

    -On Mac, System preferences:Sharing Tab. Click on Windows File Sharing

    -On PC: Make sure you have atleast one folder shared.

    -To mount PC share on the Mac:Go menu, Connect to Server. If the PC shows up great, just click it. If not, enter the IP as smb://IP_Adress/sharename. Enter userid and password and you are set

    -To mount Mac shares on the PC:Start->My Network Places, Click Add Network Place. Click Next a few times, till you see a Browse button, click browse, expand Entire Network object until you see the Mac name there.

    Both the Mac and the PC have to have folders shared inorder to share.

    If either computer can't 'see' the other:

    -check cables

    -check workgroup names

    -ensure folders are shared

    -pick up XP box and heave it out the Window.

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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    did it work ?
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    hmmm nop .. im not sure whether its working or not bcoz i cant find the mac name on the network browser ..

    im using the rj45 network cable .. is it the right one?
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    [quote]Originally posted by scheizer:

    <strong>hmmm nop .. im not sure whether its working or not bcoz i cant find the mac name on the network browser ..

    im using the rj45 network cable .. is it the right one?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    if the computers are connecting directly to each other, you have to get a special cable called a crossover cable to hook two computers together. Otherwise, you'll need a hub or something.
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    rraburrabu Posts: 239member
    You don't necessarily need a cross-over cable. I believe all the newer Macs have auto-sensing ethernet ports that do the cross-over switch for you if necessary. I know my dual-USB iBook has the feature but am not sure when Apple started building this in.

    If working with an older Mac or you just aren't sure, then that may very well be the problem. Rather than buying an entire cable, I think you can get cross-over adapters that plug onto one end of the cable, then into the network port. Although another cable may be cheaper.

    Cheapest may be to cut off the plug and put on a new plug yourself. However that could cause headaches if you don't do it right. Heck may cost more if you go out and buy the crimping tool.
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    fahlmanfahlman Posts: 696member
    Once these two computers are networked would they be able to share a xDSL connection? Thanks in advance.
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