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ok - first off, i'm in the middle of switching from PC to Mac...just ordered a brand new '09 iMac - still don't have it yet. so bear with me please...

I need to run windows XP on my Mac; here's my approach - can someone please validate that i'm on the right track?

1. i'm assuming all the new iMacs have bootcamp v2.1 pre-loaded, so win xp sp3 should not be an issue (?)

2. i only have the win XP SP1 boot disk that came with my 7 year-old Dell PC + separate sp3 update disk. I imagine that won't work with bootcamp (?) So i should just order a full-blown copy of win xp sp3 with full license from amazon or ebay, right?

3. set up XP sp3 on the Mac using bootcamp 2.1

4. i also have vmware fusion v2, so was going to set up a windows xp VM too. If i do this, is there really any need to do step #3? would i ever have any reason to run Win XP natively on bootcamp instead of on a VM using Fusion? Advantage of Fusion is that it comes with 12month McAfee subscription.

sorry for being a Mac rookie and, to make matters worse, a non-techie to boot!


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    Here's my take:

    1. Boot camp utility installed. After you set it up, you'll find it at Mac HD/Applications/Utilities folder.

    2. The install disk needs to be at least SP2, but you can slipstream it in yourself with nLite! but this requires a currently running XP machine running .Net framework.

    2b. Now, as long as you still have the serial number from the Dell box, you can TRY to put it in & activate it on the Mac. That copy should, on the dell box, self authenicate by reading the BIOS. So, the key, in theory, should work as you won't have the BIOS to authenicate. BUT the installer MAY NOT boot the Mac due to this. Pick up an OEM at is your best bet.

    3. VMWARE allows you to install from ANY windows disk, 3.1 on up.

    4. your key only works ONCE! WGA insures this. you can either do a Boot Camp install or a VMWARE install. You CAN run the boot camp partion from VMWARE, but I think that needs to be authroized via WGA as well.
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    the only reason why i use bootcamp is to play games. anything that requires high graphics, use bootcamp. if not, just use vmware.
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