Advice on iTunes Management Across Multiple Macs, and iPods

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Hey guys, while I've had multiple macs all this time I never bothered allowing them to share the same itunes library. Now you can see my apple gear in my sig and with this many ipods and macs I want to be able to sync them on any of my computers at anytime, especially my iphone. Since I do a ton of editing I usually found myself using itunes and syncing on my macpro, ever since I sold my macbook pro for a macbook I've been way more mobile and wanna connect my iphone to it but I've never even fired up itunes on this baby.

And to add more fuel to the fire I'll probably be moving in and getting a place with my girlfriend near the end of summer. That means we'll probably combine our itunes libraries, get an apple tv, and I've now gotta make everything available to her macbook, ipod mini, and ipod touch as well.

Essentially what I'm asking is what is the best way to make everything available to all computers all the time with the most up to date version of itunes. And preferably I don't want syncing to be slow.

Any of you guys doing this? Have any insight?


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    Wow, no help at all. People love to discuss upcoming stuff on these boards, but now how to make current stuff work for you. I've gotta look for another forum to post this.
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    Or it could just be it got lost in the recent noise...

    I have a mini I just set up as a central media server in the house. I have all of our music on it, but... yeah, it's not straightforward to keep things synced. I definitely do *NOT* want all music on all devices, I want it all on the server, and use sharing most of the time when I'm in the house in another room with the laptop, or, a small subset on they laptop and/or iPhone when I'm out of the house.

    Syncopation is a tool that does cross-syncing, but it is $25, and I haven't been able to figure out the proper switches to flip to get it to work precisely like we'd like.

    Other options anyone has heard about that they'd like to share?
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    Thanks for the reply man.

    Yeah I don't want all the devices to have copies of all the files either but I do want any of them to be able to play any of the music or videos at the same time. I also want all of them to be able to purchase and add stuff to mass collective itunes library. And I'd love, love, love to be able to add new stuff and snyc my ipods on any of the computers I happen to be using at the time. But I'm beginning to think that freedom is impossible.

    I can't be the only one that needs that, surely not everyone who has multiple computers and ipods wants to do all the syncing and downloading from one machine?
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