EPS files to GIF (Photoshop? Batch converting?)

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MathType creates eps files from it's equations.

I can drag the equations out of the editor and place them into my favorite flash card app but the pictures are too small to be usable. I was hoping that Illustrator or Photoshop could make usable pictures out of the eps files?

If possible I'd like to make an action that could automate the process as much as possible so I don't need to manually edit every single equation I create this way (which with a lot of equations would be extremely tedious and time consuming).

The flash card app can also sync with my iPhone so ideally I'd like to create a 'iPhone size' picture from the eps files, thus I'd like the action to resize the eps files to optimally use that size space, and spit out 4 or 8 bit gif files, compressed as much as possible so they load fast.

Ideal size is somewhere between 400x200 pixels and 440x280 pixels.

Has anyone ever tried doing any batch converting similar to this or have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.


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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 599member
    As long as MathType creates postscript embedded graphics you should be able to scale up nicley in photoshop after. Sometimes an eps is just a bitmap embedded in an eps.

    If you need something to get all of you eps files in a folder and renamed for photoshop post processing, I would recommend QuicKeys, if you can't applescript MathType.

    After you get a nice folder full, you can go to photoshop and just file -> automate -> batch them to other file formats...

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