Cannot boot from the CD with Norton Utilities 7.0

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Hi all,

after months of watching, i've finally registered... my 1st post is a problem i'm afraid...

I have Norton Utilities 7.0 [for OS X and os9] - but on my Ti800 i cannot boot from the CD... all seems to be going well, but just before the desktop from the CD appears, i ALWAYS get "system error -11"

I still have my humble ibook500 and it never happens on this machine... it boots up no problem... so I know it can't be the CD...

I have done a reinstall and am using os9 and 10.2.1 - yet, even with just os9 installed it does not want to know...

Not too bad, just nice to have the option to boot from disk and optomise my os9 partition [the other 2 i can do in 9 with speed disk]

Thankyou in advance...


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    Look here, tech question like this belong in the Genius Bar.

    Secondly, the most common answer to this problem is that your systemworks is older than your Ti800.

    Every new Mac seems to necessitate an update of the start-up ROM found on bootable Mac OS disks. (I, for one, cannot start my iBook 600 from a Systemworks bootable from which I could startup my Pismo just fine).

    So: these boot-cds are backwards compatible, not forwards.

    What you could try: with 'disk copy' in OS X: make a bootable version of your Systemworks (I did so only yesterday, for OS 9)

    Put in a bootable version of OS 9 for your comp.

    Open Disk Copy.

    Under File, choose New>Image from Device

    (if they ask, choose CD/DVD master).

    After you've got the image, mount it.

    Throw off most of the things except for the system folder. (especially the installer items, you don't want to install OS 9).

    Then pop in your systemworks CD. You will want to add ALL that partains to Systemworks. Program (installers probably), don't forget to check for extensions, control panels and preferences that are in the system folder of the systemworks cd.

    Copy these to the appropriate places in the image. (Did I mention you had to create it as read & write?).

    If you've done this, you can choose to resize the image (to speed up burning a bit).

    Then, you can eject the image (not the .dmg file!).

    Open the .dmg (image file) in toast. It should automatically go to 'Disc Image'.

    Choose record.

    If all's right, you'll have a bootable version of Systemworks for your powerbook.

    This should work as, as I said, I did so only yesterday.

    /* I seem to be using Systemworks where you mean Utilities - same holds however */
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    I also have a 800mhz G4 Powerbook. Here's my workaround.

    Using the original install disks that came with the G4 Powerbook, install a UNIVERSAL system folder on a external Firewire HD. That way, you can boot ANY Mac from the 800mhz G4 Powerbook down. Then, boot to the firewire HD and install all your utilities, such as Diskwarrior, Norton, Tech Tool, etc. and customize as needed.

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