Help with Scratchy Audio In VLC

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Tried the VLC Forums but Didn't get much help

Whenever I play any music on VLC the sound is very bad compared to iTunes. Its slightly but noticeably scratchy. Not for all songs, and early tests with OGG and FLC (main reason for switching to VLC) show the scratching to be absent on that format.

I really want to make the switch and have tried to install other music programs like Cog, but I still have the same problem. There is an "Audio enhancer" filter in iTunes I have on, but I do not know how to get anything like that for VLC. I did some searching on forums, but nothing out there seemed to help. Here are my stats:

VLC PPC vs 0.9.8 (Just DL and installed latest vs, still have problem.)

Powerbook G4 1ghz

768 MB Ram

OSX 10.5.7 (noticed problem when I had 10.3.9)

Built in Sound card information:

T.I. TAS3004

Sample Rate 44.1

Also somebody already suggested resetting my Cache, but that did not work.

Perhaps it is a matter of finding some sort of audio enhance filter like that which is built into iTunes. I just cant seem to find any online.

Is there some way I can change some of the built in audio Filters. Like The Parametric Equalizer, or the Spatializer.

I am aware that these may have nothing to do with my issue, and will be the first to admit that I do now fully understand how to use those filters, or even what they do. I know a lot more about digital video/photos then I do about digital audio.

Any help would be Greatly appreciated!


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    wplj42wplj42 Posts: 439member
    I would suggest going to: where you will find a link to an iTunes and Quicktime plug-in for ogg. As for FLC, I barely know what that is. There is a link at the top-right of the page for more info though. Maybe VLC works better in other operating systems. I don't care for it myself. Then again, I have no real need for it. EDIT. Oops, wrong about iTunes, but I am listening to a ogg.m3u file right now from Magnatune with Quicktime. Looking forward to improvements for Quicktime in Snow Leopard. I don't truly care for iTunes. Necessary evil. EDIT: Also, take a peek at:
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