saving iphoto to a different disk

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This is in answer to they guy who asked:

Do I have room for one more gripe here? How come I can't save my iPhoto pictures to the 120GB drive and view them like everyone else? Everytime I try to import the photos, it tries to save it to the 12GB drive.

Iphoto files are stored in the user/name/documents/pictures folder on your 12G. (I might have the path a little wonky)

Copy the folder to your 120G (maybe to the Documents folder)

Create an alias on the 120G ('coz I can't remember what the keyboard shortcut is)

Go to the original iPhoto picture folder and move it to trash (You may have to give yourself permission first) Delete it.

Copy the alias from the 120G to where your iPhoto folder was on the 12G.

I have a 4G partition on my system (Only 20G total, though... forces me to be tidy ) Only those apps installed by the installation are in the applications folder, and everything else is an alias from the other applications folder. My documents is an alias to the larger part, and a few folders in my user folder as well.

I hope this helps (Sorry I don't have the absolute correct path, but I am working on a clunky pentium headache maker)
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