Has Anyone Installed it Yet? ? ?

in iPhone edited January 2014
At the firm I work for which is a certified Apple I.T. firm, we got the SDK today - only two have installed - just wondering if anyone here has installed.

Wondering what if any, bricking may or may not happen. Not sure I want to install just yet, a bit nervous about it.

Looking for feedback.

From other users and/or developers.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,538moderator
    If you mean the official Apple iphone SDK, it doesn't modify the firmware. It's just Xcode with some iphone specific additions. You have to jump through a whole load of hoops to get it to work though. You have to set up some keychain thing and send it through your online account. There are about 5 steps before you can actually do things like remote debugging on the iphone. You also have to pay for the developer program to be able to do it. The SDK is free but putting those apps onto any iphone isn't.
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