Can TextEdit (or any other Mac app) do what I want to do? . . .

in Mac Software edited January 2014
hello! I was looking for a specific wordpad function, and was hoping that Apple's TextEdit program had such a feature.

What I am looking for, is the ability to insert the equivalent of one of those little triangles that point to the right, indicating that there is expandable content if clicked (which would of course reveal the content underneath what followed the triangle, which would than be pointing downward). You know, very much like how you view a finder window in 'list view'.

I would love to have those expandable/collapsable triangles for lists I set up in TesxtEdit. This function would also work well for writing paper outlines, or organizing information under various topic headings, so I could enter notes and content under each heading's dropdown area of text, and than collapse it to minimize the cluttering of my document.

Does TextEdit have a feature that provides the same kind of result? If not, does anyone know of any program that has a feature like this? I currently have been employing TextEdit for my needs running Tiger, so please fill me in on any features that TextEdit under Leopard might have that would get me to my desired goal.



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