iPhone 3.0 OS - Installed without being a dev

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Alright so me being the impatient person I am, I had to find the beta 3.0 update for my iPhone. Now, i'm not a developer, only developers are supposed to have access to 3.0. I saw the usual 'do this at your own risk' warnings (and not being able to sync due to being a non-dev) but I wanted to try these new features. I'm sure most of you are wondering what happens if you try to update without being a dev. Found the file, downloaded it, restored via iTunes. I saw a tip that turning off the internet connection will bypass iTunes checking to see if you're really a developer, so I shut it off. WRONG. The update installed, and now my iPhone is stuck in recovery mode. Great. So internet back on, connected to iTunes and a message appears saying something to the affect of, 'This device is not registered as part of our program. Please add this device to your device list via the Developers Center'. And now I am here sharing with you all. The install guide warns this update 'locks your device into "testing" and cannot be restored to an earlier version', but I've read this isn't true. Short of paying $99 to apply to be a dev, any experienced iPhoners/devs have any solutions? There is no restore option in iTunes, just the 'You shouldn't have done that!' message when my iPhone is connected. If a registered dev could simply add my device to their list for one day I would be able to restore. PM me or reply if you can help. Any ideas?


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    first jailbreak your iphone... and than if you don't want to use as jailbroken restore using 2.2x

    to jailbreak use QuickPwn.exe
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