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I ordered my MP (Octo 2.66) yesterday. The only BTO's I added was the 4870 and WiFi. It will be used mainly for FCS. I want to get the most out of it, so obviously, configuration matters.

A couple weeks ago I received 2 WD 300GB VelociRaptor's and 2 Seagate 1TB's. My plans are to stripe the 2 WD's and use that as a boot and programs. The Seagate's will mainly be used for storage of video. Backups will be external. RAM-wise I plan on 12gb for now (most likely 2gbx6).

Does this plan make sense or is there something batter that I can do without spending more cash?



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    kmac1036kmac1036 Posts: 281member
    if it were me, I would use all 4 drives in the Pro & set it all up as a mirror... or at least 1 pair.

    unless you feel that the stripe will give you a needed extra boost in speed, then stripe the Raptors...

    if you had 2 more raptors, i would say go for the mirror+stripe, best of both speed & redundancy.

    stripe the raptors, mirror the 1TB drives & use that as an archive or temp backup. My rec, if it were me.
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