Wow look at this nightmare. Jaguar and FCP

in macOS edited January 2014
Here is the link on the Apple Discussions page <a href="[email protected]@.3bbbd650"; target="_blank">[email protected]@.3bbbd650</a>;

It looks like they have a really difficult problem to solve. I think it is a shame that the people who are complaining are core professionals who just want to earn a living. I don't think Apple can afford to chease these people off.


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    While I have Had crashes on FCP 3 on a DP867, they haven't been many and when they happened I was doing things that maybe I shouldn't have been doing while learning the software!

    So far maybe 5 crahes in about a month and all have been understandable, been using command-s alot since and haven't lost anything yet.

    Still Mac and OS X rock over the competition!
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