Help! Ipod Sorting Driving me Crazy!

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Hey everybody! i have a Ipod Classic 160. And the Ipod sorting is driving me crazy! With how they put numbers in front of letters. I have way to many albums to really do the sort field thing for each album. Yea the sorting problem has been around for awhile but I have tried to find some kind of solution and haven't found anything. I tried to use mediamonkey to sync it to see if that would change anything but didnt work, tried downgrading but wouldn't work. Does anyone know of any good solution... suggestions? A way around to get Downgrading to work? Any program to use? LoL sorry if i sound desperate but I really love my ipod... I tried other mp3 players such as the zune and really just didn't like them at all. I Appreciate any help! Thanks!
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