Can I compress files when transferring from iTunes to iPod?

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So far nobody has been able to answer this question, and I've not found the answer anywhere!! I hope that someone here can help me!

I will put it as simply as possible - I want to compress the files when I transfer them from iTunes on my PC to my iPod.

When I rip my cd's to my PC I put them on iTunes at Lossless. I want to be able to then transfer those files from my PC to my iPod at 192 kbps. (I have over 500GB of music on my PC which obviously won't fit on my iPod).

Of course I could do this by ripping all my music again at a different bitrate and then transfer that to my iPod, but that would be a massive hassle...there has to be an easier way!

CD--- lossless ---> PC--- 192kbps ---> iPod (5th Gen Video)

I will be eternally grateful for any answers received!!!



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    kmac1036kmac1036 Posts: 281member
    I have that option in iTunes 8.1 with the new shuffle. it gives me a button to convert on the fly... I'm not sure if it works with other ipods or not. haven't seen it with my 80gb classic...

    BUT what you could do is this: set the rip settings in itunes so when you right click or control click (1 button mouse) it says convert to AAC...

    then I would create a new SMART playlist to look for AAC files, 192 kbs (i think you can set the bitrate as an additional item).

    set the ipod to sync that list.

    this will create 2 tracks for each song you do this with tho, the secret to keeping track is going to be the smart playlist - create another one that only sees the lossless.
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