MacBook won't keep password for Wi-Fi

in macOS edited January 2014
A friend of mine has a MacBook and for some reason it won't keep the WiFi password for her home network. Whenever she restarts the Mac or turns it on it will find the home network but it prompts her for a password. She is selecting to have this network remember. Any idea why it would be doing this? Thank you for your help.


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    lorrelorre Posts: 396member
    Has she upgraded to the latest version of Leopard? (10.5.6)

    Leopard has had quite a few issues with wireless networks in the past, but most are fixed by now.

    Not all though, my MacBook still can't remember my school's 802.11x network... which sucks.

    If she does have the latest version installed, perhaps she can try by manually adding the "Network" part in the preference pane. Once in the "Network" pane, go to Airport and then click "advanced", there you can manually add and remove wireless networks to be remembered.
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