Conficker can't touch my Mac!

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And so, the old Mac vs. PC debate is once again brought to life...



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    nothing really happened with conficker, and it was mainly pirated software that got infected since it couldnt update. just saying... not a pc lover by any means.

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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Avast antivirus . Free fast effective . That's all you need on a PC. Driver issues and so on, Vista... Ah that's another thing...
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    cifer17cifer17 Posts: 3member

    What I didn’t understand though was that apparently, Microsoft had programmed that virus into the system years ago?

    Wait... are you serious? That feature was a way for IT persons to remotely shut down a computer for maintnance. One of my dads friends is in charge of about 250 computers at a school... if there's an update that needs to be installed, do you really think he would go around and restart each one manually? The virus just exploited this "feature" in a way to be as annoying as possible. Please check your facts.
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    anna2009anna2009 Posts: 18member
    just love it. Rip the Mac/Linux users and it turns into a personal war against me. Sorry to say Mac/Linux users, you ARE NOT SAFE, YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE!!! Viral coders simply won't target Mac/Linux because they in the MINORITY of users. As stated before, they want to inflict as much harm as possible, and that is done by targeting Windows. I have been a guru of computers over the last 15 years. And who said that I am using Windows? Poster #3 Darren.......pretty pathetic to insult with words, don't ya think? Poster #32, thank you for backing me up.
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