Steam (CS or CZ) in OSX?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

Has anyone got steam to work in OSX??

I play counter-strike and condition zero. I'd like to play these in my iMac w/o having to reboot into bootcamp windows xp.

I'm currently trying CrossOver-Games but no luck.

Anyone successful at this?

Thanks a bunch!



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,230moderator
    Steam will work ok in Parallels or VMWare. There are videos showing CS:S working in Parallels on Youtube. There are unofficial ports of these games using Cider (google counter-strike cider) but they may not work with all servers. The Parallels/VM Ware/Virtual Box method is probably the most reliable method for full support of Steam.
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    I found cross over work great and i liked it when i had my macbook coreduo i just had to tell it to boot into direct x 8 and worked good
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