Where did iTunes Plus go?

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Yesterday I went to the itunes store to see if any of my old purchases could be upgraded to itunes plus, but to my surprise the itunes plus link was gone from the quick links, I am unable to figure out where I need to go in order to upgrade and strip my old purchased songs of DRM.

Could someone please tell me if the quicklink was removed and I now have to get to the upgrade page differently or do I need to contact apple about the problem I am having; does anyone have the e-mail address I should use?



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    brax.jbrax.j Posts: 29member
    All songs are DRM free.
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    orionno9orionno9 Posts: 10member
    Originally Posted by brax.j View Post

    All songs are DRM free.

    Yes, I know... but I still need to upgrade my old non-plus songs to plus. I had been checking once or twice a week and updating all the songs I could to plus but now when I check I can not find where to go to upgrade. I more then willing to play the $0.30 per song to upgrade to 259kbps and strip the DRM, where do I go now?
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