Why Apple should make a cheaper iPod Touch

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Possible impact of the iPod Touch

Why Apple should make a cheaper iPod Touch.

Obviously to capture the handheld gaming market but much more. The iPod Touch is a great product. Play games, listen to music, take photo's, store photo's, surf the web, send e-mail, and download applications, books, music, movies and games. It is a child's desire to have access to all of this let alone one of their own that fits in their pocket.

Now with Nintendo releasing an updated DS called the DSi, The pressure in some way is on Apple to make an iPod Touch cheaper or more affordable. The New DSi from Nintendo is going to retail at $169 and will be internet capable with game downloads and web surfing.The ipod Touch starts at $229. The Touch in many ways to me is what middle school kids want, and what high school kids want. Apple should somehow make it cheaper to get a hold of an iPod touch. This would be great for kids, its what they want, (basically their own computer in their pocket) and it would be great for Apple to really tap into the next generation of kids and young adults. Clearly, if Apple can tap into this world with the touch, things will ultimitaly be brighter for Apple and the kids.

I don't need to argue why kids love the touch, it basically does everything a computer does and fits into their pocket. Compared to the competition, the Sony PSP and the DS or DSi, Apple has a huge advantage. The PSP and DS are more like "just" handheld game machines. Handheld gaming has now morphed into a new type of device or mp3' players have morphed into a true gaming device thanks to Apple and its amazing developers. Even though I am 34 years old and consider myself to be a gamer, I would love to have a Touch in my pocket. I love video games, console games and computer games, but the chance to have games and basically a "close to full" functioning computer in my pocket is irresistable. I imagine its irresistable for kids too.

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