iPhone and Outlook 2007

in iPhone edited January 2014
Dear all,

I tried to search in the forum, but I didn't find a thread answering to my questions:

1. does the iPhone maintain separately the appointments and activities such as Outlook does?

2. when I add an appointment or activity (generally an event) to Outlook, I usually flag it with a category label (with a typical background color): does the iPhone calendar maintain this category label (and background color too)?

3. when I assign a reminder to an event, Outlook reminds me at the set expiry date, but it also lets me postpone the reminder (again) with a delay of minutes, hours or days:

3.1. does the iPhone let me do a similar thing (that is the postponing function)?

3.2. if I set a "postopone" to a specific event, when I sync it with the iPhone, the reminder of that event will be updated?

Many thaks for your answers,


PS: sorry for my poor english
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