How to unlock internal harddisc

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After installing a new account on the internal harddisc after software problems, my MAC OS 10 went into lock. Not only the internal harddisc, but also my three external harddiscs. My MAc says I don't have the priviliges to unlock, which is not the case of course. If I go to 'info' I can unlock the lock icon on my user account, but from then on the MAC does not respond to any commands or changes I would like to make.

Can anybody help me?

Cheers, Helen


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    wplj42wplj42 Posts: 439member
    Helen, I will try to help. Sounds like the new account you created may not have Administrator privileges. I don't know how to fix the problem once an account is created. The only fix I can imagine is to create another new account, making sure it has Administrator privileges. You will see a pull-down menu when you create the new account. Once everything works, I hope, you can always delete the old accounts.
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    helenhelen Posts: 2member
    Apple care took care of the problem. Had to unlock all the harddiscs via terminal, but thanks for your help anyway.
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    wplj42wplj42 Posts: 439member
    Glad you got the problem taken care of. I did not purchase the additional Apple Care, so my iMac and I have been on our own for well over a year. In the only 90 days of telephone support, they never satisfied my problem. My computer came with Tiger. It also came with an upgrade for Leopard. My Tiger DVDs are defective and Apple Care REFUSED to replace them. Instead I have individual DVDs for Leopard and iLife '08. I will never know about Tiger. While this has nothing to do with your situation, it gives me the chance to vent my frustrations over Apple and Apple Care. If I indeed ever purchase another Mac, I will not buy Apple Care. They are just as useless to me as any of the other guys. In your case, it sounds kinda like they fixed your problem without giving you any idea of what may have caused it. That seems counter productive to me. What if this happens to you again? I think these geeky people get their jollies by having the upper hand on a situation. They know something and you don't. So they fix it and give no clues to you. Again, what if this happens again, and you don't have Apple care??? There, I've said my piece ... off to the fridge for my Kool-Aid. The geeks will know what I'm speaking of.
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    anna2009anna2009 Posts: 18member
    I tried to install windows on boot camp but I ended up having the main hard drive locked up. It's on read only, I can't format it with the OS X install disc, and I can't launch OS X either, cause it cannot be found on it. Is there a way to fix it or am I doomed to give it to the tech support?

    Oh and my friend said that I maybe reformatted it with boot camp to NTFS, that's why it's read only, but I have no idea.
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    Helen I am currently have this issue did you just call apple and they were able to fix the issue because my screen is on the grey screen and i just downloaded the mac os x lion to save my laptop but now it reads The disk is locked. Im a unsure what to do about thing. I really do not want to have to erase my laptop because i have too much needed information that i can not get to since the grey screen has locked me from this information. 

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