Importing movie clips from sony camera into iMovie 8

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After unsuccessfully trying to troubleshoot some problems for my dad from half way round the world I thought I had better ask for some help!

He has a Canon digital camera and a Sony he uses for underwater shots. He imports all of the pics and movies from both cameras into iPhoto, and the movies from both cameras play fine out of iPhoto.

Recently he has decided to start editing them in iMovie 8, and here comes the bit where I'm not 100% sure what he has been doing, but I'll try to explain as best I can. When he first opened iMovie it imported all of the movies out of iPhoto that he had taken with the Canon, but not those from the Sony. If he tries to import them manually then when he finds the file in Finder it is greyed out so he can't select it for import. The files have the extension .mpeg, which I got him to change to mp4 in case it was something as simple as that, but no luck.

Is this something to do with Sony using a proprietary MPEG encoding? I thought that if it playe din one iLife app it would play in any of them, but it seems not!

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    Sorry I dont have an answer, I just ran into the exact same problem, I thought I would edit some mpg files I just shot and it wont let me pull them into iMovie.

    I just checked on the apple website seems this is a common problem.

    I downloaded the movie stream and was able to convert my video clips from my sony cybershot dsc-t10 and import into iMovie just fine.
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