Itunes won't install & Ipod Touch won't connect

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I just got my new ipod touch shipped in, and for some reason when I plug it into my laptop, the phone doesnt charge... The laptop will notice, however, that there is an ipod and try to DL the driver, BUT when it does it says something like "Windows found driver software for your device but encontured an error while attempting to install it"

Ive already tried restarting the computer, BUT whats wierd is that it will start charging but once it gets to the windows screen it stops.

Also, I've DL'ed Itunes, and when ive tried to install it I get a message that says the installation is complete but it had to stop installing becuase there was an error that occured before it could configure.

I am running Windows Vista x64 so that might be the problem right there, but I thought I would go ahead and ask and see if there was anything I could do
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