How do you change the "About This Mac" box?

in macOS edited January 2014
Aight I got a custom image I wanna put in the About This Mac box to display instead of the X. How do I do this?


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    That big blue X is located here:

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    Check <a href=""; target="_blank">OS X hints</a>

    Somewhere there is an article on how to change pic and text in about this mac window.

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    Did you totally miss what I just posted, piwozniak? :confused:

    Replace that file. Reboot (might change on a logout instead). Done.
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    Uh...only problem is when I try to open it...nothing happens...just like closes or something...
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    No i did not.

    By default you don't have permission to access:


    so either you do it through terminal, os9, or root user.

    osxhints gives you command so you just copy/paste command in terminal window. I don't know how confortable TigerWoods99 is with unix so i assumed this would be aesier.

    Boy oh boy...
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    Calm down, people.
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