AEBS hard disk HELP

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Need advice on what way to go.

I am a PC user slowly converting over to the MAC side. I have a HP notebook. Also have a 8gig Iphone.

DV-8000 notebook

A Maxtor one touch 4 500gig which is half full of picutres/ music the rest I can live without.

And its my understanding that the AEBS doesn't play nice with the format I'm currently using (NTFS).

So I know I have to reformat atleast a portion of the HDD, right or can I convert my existing files some how.

I would like to hear about any experince you folks have with this. Maybe I can keep my files NTFS and get some kind of software or patch something but I don't a have the means to temporarily store my files so give me my options. Hope I have clear up my store so you can give me my options.

Thanks in advance.



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