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One of the facets of my job, is being a freelance graphic designer, which involves me going in to numerous design studios with my own Mac.

For security reasons, I set up a new user account for each studio, and encrypt it with FileVault.

Is there anyway to automate some of the work involved in setting up a new account? There will be various things that remain consistent throughout each of the the accounts ? like the Dock icons and the fonts that I use. It would be great if there was an easy way to set up the various accounts.

Would a script be the way forward? I've never written a script before... how easy is it?


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    What you could do is when you goto a job site, setup a very specific account, where the "short name" is always the same. Basically on your mac at home or whatever you set up the default folder with all your settings and files. Put this folder on a USB flash drive and then copy it over to the new machine you jump on. If you have problems with permissions and replacing files, you could probably use Carbon Copy Cloner to transfer all the invisible files and such.

    Honestly, I don't know if this works but if you are logged on as an administrator privileges you might be able to copy the User Folder you have created at home/work to the new job site Users Folder and the create the new User account making sure you keep the same short name. So basically when you log in for the first time it will find the user folder with that short name and then won't just auto create a blank folder from the default new user folder in the system/library...


    You should be able to get something going... with this

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