Do you have these probs in Jag ?

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I have Jag with a full GB of RAM on a new DDR dual, and from times to times (not often), I have this problem :

I put the machine to sleep, the LCD screen goes black and the tower doesn't go to sleep. It's still making its noise. If I click the mouse, the screen stay black and nothing awake. I then have to manually shut down the computer and restart. I experienced this twice in 2 months, and always after I intensivelly used iTunes to burn some CD and play some music (of course, I ejected the CD before putting the computer to sleep).

Also, can you reproduce this bug in iTunes : If I start importing some tracks from a CD, and suddenly do a command-period to cancel the process, I get the spinning lolipop of death. I then have to kill iTunes with the comm-opt-escape command.

Another problem I have is this one, which appears to be related with the sleep mode. When I start the computer for the first time, there is no buzzing noise coming from my external speakers. Only a clean silence (after the "bong", of course). If I put the computer to sleep, and awake it some times later, I get a buzzing noise from the speakers, some kind of interference like sound. This is very annoying. I never had this problem before I asked for a change of power-supply (I had a very noisy machine, now it feels better with the new PS).

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    sorry i cant help you too much... i only had the first problem you described. it happened a few times in the first couple of months when i got my new mac, but it hasnt happened since. this was pre-jaguar, so maybe one of the OS X updates fixed it. it also used to keep messing up the clock whenever it restarted or woke from sleep, but both problems vanished together. the apple techs made me zap the pram about 5,000 times, so maybe that helped? who knows.


    imac G4 /800/15"/768mb ram
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    Kali, I have the same dualie and have had a similar wake from sleep problem. I have also lost my cursor twice and a logout fixes it. I have had 2 KPs on this and never had one on my cube since OX X PB. No 3rd party RAM, stock Apple stuff with only Duality theme installed.
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    Since installing Jaguar (with which I otherwise have no problems whatsoever) on my 800 MHz TiBook, about 8 times I've found that upon awakening from 'sleep mode' there are various losses of function, requiring a shutdown, as 'Restart' doesn't work. There is nothing installed except for MS Office v.X. Having said this, I want to note that it is only an occasional glitch which seems but the slightest of inconveniences, given the overall ease of use and reliability of the system.

    I hope that your system gets over its "Rip van Winkle" issues !!!
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    I have seen the wake-from-sleep problem you've described on a number of G4s. It doesn't seem to happen at all on any of the other Apple lines. I would complain vehemently to Apple if I were in your position. Write letters and call -- if you've got the time, it's their dime. (Hey, I like that one, just made it up I think. )

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    javascript: x() [quote] I put the machine to sleep, the LCD screen goes black and the tower doesn't go to sleep. It's still making its noise. If I click the mouse, the screen stay black and nothing awake. <hr></blockquote>

    I have a similar problem with a G3 500 MHz iMac. The display and mouse turn off, but nothing else does. This has been happening after burning data CD's, so could it a problem with the CD drive? I have no idea what the problem is, or how to fix it. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    Yes, I think it's related to the CD burning process. I had the problem only twice in 2 months, but each time it was after some CD burning, while playing some music in iTunes. I have the impression it could be duplicated.
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