Frozen MacBook Keyboard and Trackpad (non-responsive to external usb devices)

in macOS edited January 2014
I own the 13 inch white macbook, have had it since 2007. I upgraded to Leopard and ran the 10.5.6 version on it and hadn't really faced any difficulties.

I recently started realizing slower response in clicks and other mouse maneuvers especially when on the internet. A few days ago I just put it to sleep in the evening before going to bed as I usually do. The nest morning I opened it up and the mouse and keyboard had lost all functionality.

I re-booted about thrice, yet nothing changed. I tried plugging on an external usb mouse and keyboard but it didn't help. I even plugged in a regular jump drive to see if it would recognize it but nothing.

Before that trying out the external usb devices I thought it was a hardware problem so I took the whole computer apart and checked the the mouse and keyboard connection to the motherboard and it was secure and in place.

But the funny thing is I tried booting it up holding down the shift key to take it to safe mode and I got into safe mode quite alright but still no functionality. i decided to post this because I have searched the web and not found any thing this peculiar.

I really don't know what to do...thinking of just ordering a new keyboard/track pad piece but not sure if that will help.
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