Why is icon spacing still buggy?

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Who comes up with spacing specs for OS X anyway? Standard icon view is horribly inefficient and inconsistent.

Small icon view is almost useless. If I drop my icon size to 16x16, why does it all of a sudden decide to double-space? 20x20 takes up less room than 16x16?

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    I can't be bothered posting pics but I put my downloads folder in the dock and set the icons to really, really big. Sometimes the icons get messed up and appear one to a line in a stepped arrangement. Anyone else see this? Should I post feedback to Apple?
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Finder Prefs in general STILL don't stick. WTF how hard can this be? Duuuuh, maybe we should add "Ink" duuuh and more useless features, duuuh, like that "other company" does with their software... Icons on my desktop move, views don't stick, etc. Jeez I'm hoping 10.3 will catch up with OS 9.
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    Here is why

    I would definitely consider it a bug. At 16 pixels any long names that go on two lines are abbreviated and fit on one line. At 20, and 24 pixels they are not abbreviated and the two lines are higher than the icon itself and forces the extra space. This space seems to be allowed for even if there are no long names. At 28 pixels and up the icon is as high or higher than the double line name and the spacing is returned to normal. So basically Apple allowed for this problem in the 16 pixel size but not the 20 and 24.

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    the finder in Jaguar still has a ton of problems, so many that i would consider it almost beta-ish. it will probably be fixed largely in 10.3 and we will have to pay for 10.3 to be sure.
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