Printing To Do List in iCal (Tiger)

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Does printing To Dos work properly in Tiger?

Every time I try to print my daily or weekly schedule in Cal, my To Dos end up jumbled and out of order.

Is there any way to fix this?


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    How to view and print To Do List in iCal in proper order.


    The short answer is: Number your To Do List items, select and copy the entire list, then paste it into Excel and sort and print it.


    Add numbers or letters (a, b, c ...) at beginning of each item so that you can organize your To Do List in numerical or alphabetical sequence.


    To view the list in iCal in its proper order, click the scroll down menu at the top of To Do List and select Sort by Title. This will allow you to view your list in the numerical or alphabetical order that you have established.


    The problem is that when you print your To Do List, iCal will scramble the order.

    To avoid this, select every item in your To Do List by clicking on the top item in your list then Shift-clicking on the bottom item in your list. This should select your whole list.


    File > Copy the selected list.


    Open an Excel spreadsheet. Select one column of cells. 


    But watch out! In my case, the column had to have twice as many rows of cells as there were items on my To Do List. (For some reason the To Do List got double-spaced when it was pasted into the Excel spreadsheet.) You don't want to leave off the bottom part of your list because your column of cells is too short. 


    File > Paste the To Do List into the selected column.


    With the To Do List still selected, sort the list based on its numerical or alphabetical order. Data > Sort.


    Under "Sort by" select the Column (e.g., A or B, etc.) and push the  "Ascending" button. Click OK.


    It helps to have View > Page Layout selected so you can see how it will fit on the page.


    Then print your list!


    I just figured this out this evening, so after months of frustration and disorganization God answered my prayers and I have an organized To Do List.
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