another 802.11N Question

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I have a computer which is connected to the internet directly via Airport Extreme N and a Comcast

modem---Airport is shut off---I am streaming music to my Airport Express N ----and I am

having interference---

My question:

Shouldn't this be streaming as N--since Airport on the computer is turned off and I am plugged

directly into my Airport Extreme N??


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    SHOULD be ... but it depends on how you have your Airports set up. If you don't need the G,B compatibility, then disable that so that they will ONLY use the "N" spectrum.

    Otherwise, there are various scenarios where your Airports might try to operate as G or even B devices.
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 839member
    What he said and...

    If you use a B, G, and N mode 2.4 GHz you might have interference from phones or neighbors using 2.4 GHz. If you can switch to 5 GHz, N only mode, you can definitely get away from interference...

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