New Shuffle killed by sweat?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Came across a thread over at the MacAch describing how, when the new Shuffle gets damp from sweat, the moisture apparently pools towards the bottom of the control pod and shorts out the volume controls-- either turning it all the way down, as the poster describes, or all the way up, as is described in this thread on the the Apple support boards.

I've considered getting a new Shuffle for the gym, but this....... is not good. In fact, given the obvious intent to make this Shuffle the "exercise" Shuffle, it seems like it could be kinda disastrous.

Any 3G Shuffle users having this problem? I'm wondering if it's a basic design flaw or a batch of insufficiently sealed control pods.

How much you want to bet that we'll shortly be hearing of a lawsuit?
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