Best Way to Port iTunes Music from PC to Mac?

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I just bought my first Mac after my PC hosed me once too often while on the webcam with my parents.

Loving this iMac! I have a metric ton of music on my Windows iTunes, though.

What's the best way to port all my music from my PC to my new Mac?

I'd appreciate any help I can get from somebody who knows.



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    Connect the two via ethernet (WiFi will work too, but ethernet would be faster.) ... find the music folder on your PC, and copy all those mp3 files to your mac.

    Then fire up iTunes on the Mac and have it import all those songs to it' s database. (depending on your iTunes settings, it MAY duplicate the songs, in which case you can then delete the originals.)

    Alternatively ... you could copy the music from your PC HD to an external HD, then plug the external into your Mac and copy it to the Mac's internal HD. The network idea just seemed easier to me.
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    Thanks for the tip!

    I found a good process here, for anybody else who's looking for this information:
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