How to Create Shorter URLs for your iWeb/MobileMe Sites!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
After much frustration and tinkering with my own site, I finally found a decent workaround to the ugly URLs that iWeb gives you. This will allow you to shorten your URLs a bit, WITHOUT breaking any links or iWeb features such as blog comments.

Here is the link to my eHow article, which describes the solution.

Please let me know what you think! I'm also subscribing to this thread if you have any questions.

(Note: I'd appreciate it if the entire thing doesn't get quoted here, or elsewhere.)


If you don't care about blog/photo comments or RSS feeds, then it's easy enough to remove the /sitename/ part of your URL entirely. Simply open your /sitename/ folder in iDisk, and paste the contents into the parent directory (the "Sites" folder.) Of course, this won't work when you have multiple websites on iDisk.
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