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i did a few board searches and couldn't find anything current on this. I recently purchased a Mac mini and various other components thru the Apple store online as they were offering 0% interest for 12 months on purchases over a $1000.00 or more, or for 90 days if less than $1000.00. I applied for the card thru the Apple Store, placed my order which totaled over $1000.00 and receive my items. The hitch is that Apple drop shipped items from different locations and sends each transactions thru separately. Therefor, my $1000 order thru Apple does not qualify for the 0% interest for 12 months as there was no transaction charged for $1000.00 due to the drop ships.

I have contacted both Juniper and Apple regarding this and as Apple choses to bill this way, Jupiter will not honor the 12 month as it was not a $1000 charge but 4 smaller charges. Apple states that because of the different shipments, they submit each shipment as separate transaction and nothing can be done with regards to this. Apple is going to credit my for an adapter that I have placed on another order, but that is all that is being done at this point.

I have also emailed Apple directly and am waiting for a response. I love my Mac mini as a convert from the PC world but this transaction can be considered misleading if not deceptive as one would to purchase an item that cost's over $1000 to receive this offer.

I think it would be safe to assume that the average person would think "Hey, I placed an order over $1000 so this should apply to me as well" Not so much!


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    Contact, they are very good in getting help in these situations.
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    Contact, they are very good in getting help in these situations.

    I have sent consumerist an email as well. Interesting enough, today I received via email, a satisfaction survey from Apple because I had called their customer service number.
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