US military uses iPhone/ iPod Touch

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Using a commercial product for such a crucial military role is a break from the past. Compared with devices built to military specifications, iPods are cheap. Apple, after all, has already done the research and manufacturing without taxpayer money.

Typically sheathed in protective casing, iPods have proved rugged enough for military life. And according to an Army official in Baghdad, the devices have yet to be successfully hacked.

Apple gadgets are proving to be surprisingly versatile. Software developers and the U.S. Department of Defense are developing military software for iPods that enables soldiers to display aerial video from drones and have teleconferences with intelligence agents halfway across the globe. Snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan now use a "ballistics calculator" called BulletFlight, made by the Florida firm Knight's Armament for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Army researchers are developing applications to turn an iPod into a remote control for a bomb-disposal robot (tilting the iPod steers the robot). In Sudan, American military observers are using iPods to learn the appropriate etiquette for interacting with tribal leaders.

Apple?s New Weapon


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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,989member
    The CIA is suspected of using iPods at Guantanamo Bay, apparently they put "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Rae Cyrus on continuous play.

    As usual they deny the use of this method of torture or that it is torture even if they did use it which they didn't or maybe someone who will remain unnamed may have accidentally done it or didn't do it.
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