Is there a way to fade out songs in itunes?

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Hi. I am making a party mix that will be played along while watching an iPhoto slideshow. What I want to know is does itunes allow fading out and fading in songs from a particular point in the song? I seem to remember years ago it was possible, now I am not so sure.

If no, is there free or relatively cheap audio editing software that allows this?

The audio mix I am making would be much better If I could fade in and fade out some songs. Some songs are just to long to play in their entirety. I am trying to set the music to match the slideshow.


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    Not sure if you can in Itunes but a decent piece of software that can do that is from They have both PC and Mac versions of their software. The PC version has a basic package which is fairly inexpensive, but I think you need to go the next level for a Mac version.
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