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okay, i'll be the one to ask it... when the hell is this thing going to be complete?!? feels like it's been in public beta forever.

it can't be that hard to get it working. so it leads me to believe that they will only release the final when there is a GREAT DEVICE capable of working well with it (like an advanced ipod...).

anyone here a developer and can give us an idea? i gotta think it'll be done by macworld...

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    This was discussed in another thread recently I think. I think it has been rumoured to be comming out at MWSF.
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    I think Apple is delaying it's release of a final version of iSync until Apple can get its own implementation of Palm Synchronization working. Right now it is way to difficult to set up a Palm device to sync with iSync. Since Palm Pilots are what the majority of people want to synchronize with their Macs the current situation is unacceptable.

    I'm sure Apple refuses to pay licensing fees to Palm so they are probably haxoring their own implementation. Hopefully MWSF will bear the results of Apple's efforts.

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    It took Microsoft 3 YEARS to get ActiveSync to work 90% of the way correctly with its own WinCE/Outlook software. And you expect Apple to have it ready in 4 months with its own as well as third party software?

    I'm amazed how well it works so far.
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