Region 6 MBP? Hmmm.

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I just bought a new MBP from B&H Photo's website. When I inserted a DVD for the first time, I was asked if I wanted to change the Region from 6 to 1. Did B&H sell me a grey import? \


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    Perhaps you should write B&H and ask them that question.
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    If it was a true import it would have a non US Keyboard like International English or something else. In addition having the region set seems more like someone used your dvd drive than it being an import. As new dvd drives are ALWAYS region neutral and they automatically set to the first DVD you play. I know mine still says not selected on region as I haven't played a dvd yet.

    And if it is truely new, perhaps a factory worker?
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    My guess would be that it might not be quite as new as you thought it was !

    Shouldn't matter though ... If you're the first person to register it with Apple, then they'll consider your warranty from YOUR date of purchase... As long as it seems to be working like a new machine, it's probably not worth the time/effort of arguing the point.
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