Deleting old Pref Panes in 10.2.3?

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I have lingering Pref Panes that I want to delete (Aquamon, WindowShadeX and Macaroni). How do I delete them? I looked in the root /Library, the /System/Library and my ~/Library for the panes files, but I can't seem to find them. Any ideas?


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    There are two places.

    For panes that affect all users:


    And for individual users:


    Also, you may need to delete the cache folders (/Library/Caches and ~/Library/Caches) to get the System Preferences app to cleanly refresh the active set of preference panes.

    For WindowShade X you should probably run the installer app again and tell it to uninstall. It installs that funky APE framework somewhere else; so, you should use that to be sure it properly removes the various components.

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    Thanks, Brad. I appreciate it. This is my first time exploring the caches folders. Interesting stuff tucked away in there!
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