Having trouble publishing quicktime movies

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Hi. I am having some odd trouble publishing quicktime movies on the web. I have tried doing it with sites I've created both in Rapidweaver 4.2.2 (the latest version) and IWeb 08. For Rapidweaver, I publish the site using Rapidweaver's Publish feature. With IWeb, I save the site to a folder on my hard drive and then use Fetch to send the folder onto the web server.

When I publish my site with both programs, I get messages showing that the quicktime movie has been uploaded. However, after the whole site is published, often the quicktime movie doesn't play. So, I did some investigating and I realized that the quicktime movie hadn't been uploaded at all, even though Rapidweaver and Fetch (for the IWeb site) showed that it had been uploaded.

Sometimes, the quicktime movies are successfully uploaded. But probably 90% of the time, the movies are not. I can't figure out why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

When I upload the quicktime movie by itself to the Rapidweaver site or the Iweb site, via Fetch, the movie is successfully uploaded.

I am using DSL by verizon and I've been testing the sites on verizon's web server: mysite.verizon.net.

I did create another account at a company called 0catch.com just to see if the problem occurred there too. It did. So I'm thinking the problem isn't with the verizon server either. 0catch is pretty bad host, though, and it's possible it doesn't support quicktime movies very well. I do have another web server that I use too, but it's under maintenance right now so I can't test the quicktime movies on it.

Anyway, if it's not the verizon web server then I don't really know what the problem is. All I can think of is somehow it's the verizon DSL service itself. Unless it has to do with my Mac somehow. I have a 24" IMac that I bought in Dec 07 and it's running OS 10.5.6.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any thoughts on what might be going on.

Thanks a lot,



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,209moderator
    I'm not sure what mechanism they use to upload but servers can reject files over a certain file size if they are uploaded using certain protocols - the upload will go through but the server will just delete the file. Typically these type of publishing programs use FTP too but not all FTP programs are built well (The Finder FTP being a classic example). For big uploads you are better just sticking to FTP manually using a reliable FTP program.
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    mirskymirsky Posts: 30member
    Marvin, thanks for your thoughts. I don't think problem is with file size. The quicktime movie was really short and actually slightly less than 1meg.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,209moderator
    Do you have access to your server logs? It may tell you what's happening if you have a log file in your server control panel during the upload. Files that small shouldn't have an issue.
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    mirskymirsky Posts: 30member
    Marvin, I don't think I do have access to my server logs. There is another server I will eventually use and if the problem exists there as well then I can probably get the logs for that server. Thanks again
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