Pentax is kinda like the old Apple

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Mac users, for the most part, aren't quite as obsessed with rumours as they used to be. The move to Intel chips reduced the interest in CPU-related speculation, and Apple's new-found stability gives us all a chance to stop worrying about the health of our favourite electronic fruit.

Thank god for Pentax then!

Hanging around Pentax forums is like this place was six or more years ago. Right now Pentax users around the world are feverishly speculating about the upcoming K7 SLR. The head of Pentax Imaging USA is getting in on the act also, posting a blurry photo of an un-named SLR on his patio. Check out pentaxforums or dpreview if you're feeling nostalgic for a dose of good old-fashioned rumour-mongering....


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    "Every time Apple revises its Unix-based operating system, it produces a list of dozens and dozens of enhancements -- more than any ordinary human wants to read through -- and some of them so minor they're barely worth mentioning," Glenn Fleishmann writes for InformationWeek. "In their marketing, Apple wants to emphasize just a handful of features, some of them to tweak Microsoft for not offering them or having already deleted them from Longhorn's list of upgrades. Others are just plain cool, demo well, and might appeal to existing users who need some encouragement to part with their money for an upgrade."

    "Reviewing an operating system is always a tricky task: either you already like the general approach and are considering upgrading to a new version, or you have an aversion (rarely disinterest) in the OS and want ammunition," Fleishmann writes. "Let me try to avoid both paths by focusing on what's new in Tiger. If you haven't used Mac OS X before, you should look elsewhere for an article that covers its general approach. Suffice it to say here it is the BSD flavor of Unix with tons of open source and free software under the hood and a pretty and usable interface on top."
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