Boot Camp & Time Machine queries

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I've done a search but can't seem to find the answer. I'm looking at getting a MBP and want to install XP on it as well (need it for Excel - the full version as I believe the Mac version does not support visual basic plus PC games are cheaper).

I know that I have to create a partition but do I have to specify the size of the partition from the outset and stick with it or can it be changed?

Can I access both partitions from both operating systems? (If so, then as long as the windows partition is big enough for XP, I can install games on the Apple partition)

Also, if I use my external drive is set up for time machine - can I still plug it into other PC's to transfer files onto my Apple? Or would I have to buy a new external drive?



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    As for the external drives, you'll have to reformat them for FAT32. Your Mac will be able to read from an NTFS formatted drive, but it will not write to one.

    When I ran the Boot Camp installer on my MPB, it told me that the largest partition that can be created in FAT32 is 32 GB. I'm not familiar with whether you can repartition, but I'm not sure why you would want to. If you need more space, buy a bigger drive.

    How many games are you talking about installing for XP? If I were you, I'd just install the games on the XP partition to keep my primary, Mac HD from being cluttered.
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