Mac-compatible wifi network camera with iphone viewer app

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Can someone please suggest a wifi network camera that I can use with my Mac which also has an iPhone app that would allow me to view the camera's live streaming video from on my iphone. Best options etc., with specific camera models would be appreciated.

I know there are a number of these remote web cam viewer iPhone apps out there, but I am unclear as to whether or not they really work.

I currently have a D-Link web cam which is entirely incompatible with my Mac and I can only access it is via Internet Explorer on my VMware Virtual Machine (I'd previously used it with my PC)... I mention this because I need the webcam to be accessible from my iPhone, I also need it to be fully compatible Mac...

Any suggestions? Thanks!


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    tulkastulkas Posts: 3,750member
    Air Cam works well and works over wifi and 3G. They update it fairly often. It supports audio, works with PCs and Macs and can work with multiple cams, if you have more than one connected to your Mac/PC (you can select on your iPhone which camera to view at any given time).

    As far as what camera, I can't help you much. Maybe you can find an old external iSight. A quick search at Amazon for "mac webcam" returned 79 hits.
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