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I ask this question because this is where i have been for 3 years now. Asking when am I going to join the iphone community... I own a macbook, ibook and as soon as i graduate from school a imac, unless my fiancee decides she wants to ditch her dell desktop before then. So in a way it makes sense to just combine everything. I've been hesitant to get a iphone because the first one to me was way overpriced and lacking in features. The iphone 3g I will admit is a damn near perfect phone and next would have to be blackberries, which i currently own the storm, but i didn't want to switch because it was still lacking features that i feel should be standard on any phone now a days. Then here comes Iphone os 3.0 and I have to say after watching the video presentation on apples' website, showing all the new features that are going to be in OS 3.0, I'm convinced that i need to switch. If nothing else i am a big fan of copy and paste and fowarding messages, so now that they are going to be included in the new update it may be time to make that move. But i'm wondering if there is any concrete evidence, besides apples track record for releasing new products every year around the same time, that there is going to be a new iphone this year?


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    Wait till summer ... the best guess is that IF there is new HARDWARE, it will probably be announced in June. (It may not deliver then though.)

    They have already said that OS 3.0 should be out this summer.
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    yeah OS 3.0 is supposed to be released in june either before or after the WDC. If there is going to be new hardware then i will wait til it comes out or even longer, because i still have to wait for my contract to be up with verizon to avoid any ETF. It just may work out perfectly cause my contract is up in either august or december
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