Reformatted PC - Lost iTunes purchases?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I reformatted my PC a couple months ago and saved my iTunes library to an external HD. I reinstalled everything and all seemed fine until I chose to "restore" my iPod. Now that I try and reload all the music back from iTunes, it warns me that any of the songs that iI purchased before I reformatted are not authorized to play on my iPod. My iPod was recognized by name by iTunes. What gives? Am I missing a file to tell iTunes I already paid for the songs?

Also, I tried doing another "restore" of my iPod and thought I would switch to Disk Mode and Manually Manage My Music to see if I can get my purchased songs back in that way, but after the restore was done, it says I have to plug the damn thing into the wall charger again. I just did that a day ago and I know the battery isn't anywhere dead since I haven't used it! BTW, I'm bitching about this because the charger is at my work and not where my primary computer happens to be at the moment.
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