iPhone 3G hardware question

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my phone completely died on me recently, i now need to either get a new iPhone to replace my old one, or settle with a horrible flip phone until the new iPhone comes out.

personally i dont care too much about more pixles on the screen or a slightly longer battery life. what i do care about is if my 3G wont be able to take advantage of some of the new features, for instance with the 3G be able to record video? or can it do turn by turn navigation/GPS? etc etc etc... or will all of that be available only on the next iphone?

the prices on the 3G are also getting pretty low (would only cost me $150 for a 16GB one)


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    Don't really know for sure ... but...

    All those new features were announced as part of the iPhone OS 3.0 ... (a software upgrade to existing phones)... while Apple's good about being vague , they certainly gave the impression that it will work on current phones (and even originals, albeit, without the GPS features.)

    We KNOW the current camera is already capable of doing video... there are jailbroken phone apps that do it. The new hardware (if/when) just might have a better camera.
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    smilingoatsmilingoat Posts: 153member
    yeah, wish they would just tell us, one of the features i want most is the GPS, feature, but i dont want to get a 3G just to find out 2 months later that the software only supports turn by turn gps if you have the newest model...

    stuff like that.
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    cbw87cbw87 Posts: 36member
    Not quite. It's almost guaranteed that the current iPhones won't do video, some alleging that it's part of Apple's "planned obsolescence" strategy, although I've heard that the specific NAND in the current models doesn't like constant writes and rewrites that video involves and so video would shorten its life.

    Plus video was not demonstrated in the March SDK preview.

    Consequently, video capture will almost certainly not be coming to existing iPhones when 3.0 comes out.

    Therefore, if it's important to you, wait. It'll only be a month, or two at max.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    I couldn't do without my iPhone 3G for even a few weeks. ...It's really the best iPod, mobile phone and PDA I've ever owned. Some might disagree, but, well...
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    webmailwebmail Posts: 639member
    The current 3G iPhones will be allowed to do video with the 3.0 OS update. Apple has been working extremely hard on 3.0 camera firmware, and as of now beta 5. it's probably 15-20 faster than the firmware for regular 2.0 camera. Meaning it catches movements and updates much, much faster.

    This is only done in anticipation of releasing video for the 3G
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