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Well, no matter which PowerMac is eventually going to ship with a well due new case, I thought about some stuff that'd be cool to have IMO.

First of all the case has to offer more expansion options. I'd say the internal 3x3.5" HD bays are fine and could stay as it is now. Then one external 3.5" bay is enough as well, nobody uses 3.5" removables anyway. BUt on the 5.25" external bays, the new case needs at LEAST 2, better 3 or even 4.

PCI slots can stay at 4 for me, although some pros would surely like to have 6. One AGP is the maximum already, so that'd stay too.

Then the handles also have to stay, although I'd radically change their design to make the machines more space effective. I thought of an all-around handle on the top to make the case more stackable, the bottom could be shaped to fit into the top of another Mac, like the boxes you put bottles into (can't find the word in the dictionary, you know what I mean).

More or less like this, just with rounded off shapes:

Then, that plug that is sticking out of the case's sie is in fact a pluf that can be tilted out of the case side and can be connected to the other side of another tower. It would be a special interface to have computers communicate at far higher speeds than over Ethernet, ideal for server farms, just connect all PowerMacs in a chain, and the "PDS" (Processor Direct Slot) like interface would make them an extremely powerful cluster setup. I think that'd be extremely cool, like Lego, just connect the blocks and it works together. Of course it could also be used to PCI expansion chassis, drive chassis etc etc. Call it the PowerLink or something. Should be quite feasible technically.

So in the end we'd have a Mac case, with far improved stackability, incredibly fast and easy interconnectivity, good expansion options and about the size of the current cases, maybe a bit bigger in width and height, not in length though.

So, those are my ideas, I tried doing some models in 3D, but the software I have (Extreme 3D 1.0) is beyond my skills (terrible handling if you ask me),so if anyone fells ready for the challenge, you're welcome to give it a try.



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    While I hear what you're saying about expandability and such, the diagram looks like a PC. Too many right angles.

    I'd like to see people's thoughts or renderings on what a revised El Capitan (I think that's the generic name for the existing G4 case)...basically I think the overall form factor is pretty good but there must be ways of slightly altering the curves and reducing the dimensions, while maintaining good expandability and access to the internals.

    On the other hand it could be something totally different - like a cylinder for example. I'd like to see some serious renderings for doable designs. No space-ship Mac concepts, please.
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    I posted that image, because it's the only thing that is feasible with AppleWorks. I mentioned that one would have to round off the edges, change the colors, shapes, etc etc...the picture is only there to illustrate the idea of an all-around top handle, everything else is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT.

    If I was a 3D designer, I'd have posted a nice rendering, I am not, thus the result looking like a PC. btw, for stackability, a plain square PC shape is still the best...


    PS: thought about the cylinder too, like the iMac, just with about 15 inch of cylinder below the place where the iMac ends.
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    My guess:

    It will still have all of the slots and bays of the current one, but Apple will minimize the non-used space, and shrink the motherboard to around flex or micro size.

    The wide bay (sadly, there will be only one) will be pushed out of the plane of the motherboard (above), allowing the case to shrink almost an inch in width. The shrunken motherboard will decrease the height maybe 3-5 inches. The depth will be shrunk to the depth of a PCI card, plus a small amount of clearance.

    Sadly, the hardcore will gnash their teeth and weep over the lack of two more PCI slots, and the 3 bays will be scoffed at as too few.

    It will be mind-bogglingly efficient. If you could see through the case, you'd see that there isn't a wasted bit of space. The cables will be shortened and perhaps even rounded cables.

    The worst drawing ever (done in MS paint, if you must know) now follows:

    Please, I already know it's awful. Also, please note it is not a depiction of what the PM will look like, but a depiction of how small it could get, and still be as useful as the el Capitan model. Think of it as the chassis schematic.

    Anyway, I think Apple is going to focus on smallness, since it's one area where creative design and low-heat silicon can be used effectively.

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    The heat sink is located in the back of the 3.5 drives, and is much larger than depicted. I'd need 3D skills to show you what I mean.....

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    OK, I'm the last guy to blame you for the lack of 3D skills

    I'd welcome a minimized space case, but I see a problem of airflow there. In cases where everythign is tight on tight, fans generally have little effect...and if the case should keep up with dual or even more CPu configs, it might get damn hot there. Also, I hope you're wrong about the 1x5.25" bay...we need 2 minimum, really.

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    I agree there should be two, but with Apple relying on multi-function drives, it seems they disagree.

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    How about them doing some more of that "we listen to our customers" thing?

    -Multibutton wheelmouse

    -2 to 4 5.25" drive bays

    -Various tweaks to Aqua an OS X (ok that's coming)

    -a PDA (ok that is NOT coming)


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