Apple In-ear Headphones worth it?

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I have an iPhone and am interested in a pair of in-ear headphones. I?m mainly looking for two things: fairly high quality sound and a mic/remote I can use with the iPhone.

Do the Apple In-ear Headphones satisfy these two things? I?ve heard pretty good things about them, but I?ve also heard that not all of the remote functions work with the iPhone. Does anyone have experience using them with an iPhone?


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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    I've got the VModa set because the Apple rep at the Apple Store told me Apple's own in-ears don't work with the iPhone.

    I like the Vmoda set, just make sure you keep your receipt so that you can get the replacement set when the cables crap out and you lose sound in one of your earbuds, because it will almost certainly happen.
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    the only part that won't work on the iphone is the volume +/- clickers. the middle button (to play/pause/skip) and the mic work.

    i have a pair of the in-ear headphones, but i'm not much of an audio guy so i don't really know if they're "high quality".
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,796member
    Yeah, if lying in bed don't wear one in your pillow lying-ear though. It will break over a period of time from the pressure. They aren't amazing, but are worth it when you consider how bad the ordinary ones are. The ordinary ones only fit certain people, these fit more people, and sound better as the bonus. The biggest rip-off this fruity company makes are those computer plugs, they suck in many many ways.
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