Old G4 with no monitor, running Tiger (I think)

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all,

I have 'nicked' an old G4 (Quicksilver) from my old offices (was being thrown out). I wanted to set it up as a backup/torrent server, but unfortunately I have discovered that my only external display (CRT Studio Display) has an ADC connector and this machine won't connect to it.

I've managed to connect to it under both Target Disk Mode and via a "null" Ethernet connection, but apart from that I have no way of actually setting it up as if I had a monitor.

Is there a way I can cheat it by connecting to it in Terminal or something, in order to set up Remote Desktop client (it doesn't seem to be allowing SSH connections)? Or is my only hope to wait until I have access to someone else's PC monitor, in order to set it up?


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